'Porti di Mare'
Alfonso Santimone_piano
Edu Hebling_bass
Andrea Ruggeri_drums & percussion
Mauro Beggio_drums

from the liner notes:

...ve been lucky enough to play in more than forty countries across several continents: Asia, Africa, the Americas and of course, Europe. After such journeys, a traveller returns home with the odours and images of the places he visited, or at least, with memories of their atmospheres. As for as music is concerned, I often return from my tours with notes and ideas to elaborate and develop at home. These are not necessarily connected to the traditions of the places visited, but have certainly been stimulated by the journeys themselves that involve relationships with places and atmospheres different from those habitually experienced. «Porti di Mare» (Sea Ports) developed from those elements; from ideas gathered during those travels and from musical themes coming from, or suggested, by the traditions of the countries in question. At the end of the album I’ve included an aria from «I Vespri Siciliani», a composition also associated with a journey, in this instance a concert at the Municipal Theatre, Tunis, to celebrate Verdi’s bicentennial in 2013. On this occasion my quartet performed arrangements of arias selected from Verdi’s operas. The aria I chose for this Cd is Mercè Dilette Amiche. Enjoy the music! Marco Castelli

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