Saxophonist- Composer

Marco Castelli, is one of the most talented italian sax players, with a briliant and prolific carrer with a broad artistic activity.
In his long career he has travelled without prejudice across many different musical languages, highlighting the qualities present in each form of expression and always pursuing a very personal sound, free of clichés but rich in emotions and atmospheres.

Marco Castelli recorded more that 40 CD's and beside writing and performing jazz music, he's a conductor of orchestra and a composer for theatre and modern ballet, and, as a sound designer, he has creatively interacted with various media: poetry, video art, visual arts.

He has partecipated in international festivals like Singapore Art Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Boemia Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Atene Jazz, Bangkok International Festival, Festival Cervantino, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Kaunas International Festival collaborating with a lot of prestigious artists like Lee Konitz, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Catherine and many others.

Marco Castelli has brought his music all over the world:
Europe: Uk, France, Danmarc, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Croazia, Slovenia, Romania, Ceck Republic, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria.
America and Islands: USA,Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Perù, Guatemala, Uruguay, Jamaica, Curacao.
Asia and Middle East:Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, Israel, Jordan.
Africa: Senegal, Tanzania, Botwana, Reunion Island, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria.

Furthermore, he has worked toghether and performed with:

Philip Catherine, Lee Konitz, Pietro Tonolo, Luis Agudo, Marcus Stockhausen, Enrico Rava, Ares Tavolazzi, Rudy Linka, Mark Abrams, The Traditional Jazz Studio of Prague, Gianluca Mosole, Paolo Birro, The Keptorchestra, Ines Reiger, Frantisek Uhlir, Rudy Engel, Marco Lakner, Florian Brambock, Darko Jurkovic, Lojze Krajcan, Michael Erian,Cheryl Porter, Peter Lipa, Massimo Manzi, Tolo Marton, Sandro Gibellini, Marco Tamburini, Roberto Rossi, Mauro Beggio, Giovanni Maier, The Europlane Orchestra, Orchestra Il Suono Improvviso, Pietro Condorelli, Marcello Tonolo, Francesco Bearzatti, Robert Bonisolo, Mauro Negri, U.T. Gandhi, Lello Pareti, Ermanno Signorelli, Gianni Cazzola, David Boato, Luigi Tessarollo, Gabriele Centis, Davide Ragazzoni, Edu Hebling, Jazz Prints, Achim Goettert, Danilo Moccia, ed others…

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