my new album!

'Space Age'
Marco Castelli New Organ Trio

from my liner notes:

It is, after all, always "the space age". From Galileo to Salgari or from Apollo 11 to Perseverance, the urge to imagine or explore other places in our reality has always been a necessity. In music, too, it is always "the space age". Imaging and exploring other places and newworlds is a state of artistic necessity which becomes nourishment, good "fuel", a state of the being that makes us live in a positive tension with music-making. In composing or improvising, this "lifeblood" is necessary to be effective and able to convey emotion. The aim of this album was originally to bring back the history and content of a few years of concerts, but, due to the forced stop brought on by the pandemic, it took on a different form. It was created through long streaming sessions - Marco Vattovani (my travel companion, not only as a drummer) in his Bunker Studio in Trieste and myself in Venice. Paradoxically, the 'suspended time' of quarantine projected us into research and exploration of other spaces. We worked by letting ideas flow freely, experimenting with solutions, playing with electronics and developing, thanks to the contribution of Matteo Alfonso at the Hammond, the possibility of a new sound for an Organ Trio.
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